This takes place in a setting that has been uniquely designed to reflect an upscale home-like atmosphere where children are nurtured and family values are instilled.

What we’re all about

Early Childhood should be a rich and rewarding time. At Delta Chi, children have the opportunity to make the most of this precious time. Our main focus is the educational and social development of each child. They are able to learn self-confidence and enjoy their sense of identity and belonging. They establish healthy attitudes towards others. At the same time, they are developing verbal and motor skills and discovering their artistic talents. All of this is taking place in a home-like, nurturing environment where the children are enjoying themselves, learning and having fun. Our enhanced curriculum will give your child the “best start” in preparation for their elementary school experience.

Our Campuses

Full day programs provided for Infant to 12 years of age available at our Main Campus, South Campus, Giles Campus, Coronation Campus, and Wyandotte Campus. Before and After school programs at St. Anne French Immersion Catholic Elementary School, Hetherington Public School, Queen Victoria Public School, Westgate Public School, and L.A. Desmarais Catholic School . Subsidy is available, experienced staff members  and fresh and nutritious meals are prepared on site at each location.

Parents Handbook

Our parents’ handbook outlines all of policies for taking care of your child. Any of your questions and concerns will be answered with a quick read of the handbook. You will be reassured knowing your child is a cared for member of our Delta Chi family.